Meet Dr. Melissa Morley


Dr. Morley has lived in Southern Illinois most of her life. Moving from Iowa when she was two, she grew up in the Herrin Illinois school district – near Carbondale and Marion, Illinois.

Active and excelling in academics and athletics, Dr. Morley became an integral part of her class and school while growing up. Graduating from Herrin High School in 1987 set Dr. Morley on her way to achieving her professional degree for which she could use to give back to her community.

Obtaining a Bachelor of Science at the University of Illinois in 1991, Dr. Morley then attended Southern Illinois University School of Dental Medicine. After graduating Dental School in 1998, she moved back to Southern Illinois where she owned and worked at Carbondale General Dentistry - a company that thrived under her tenure.

Dr. Morley created The Dental Safari Company to increase the quality of dental care to school children. Primarily focusing on child care at schools, Dental Safari Company - a 100% mobile dental office - brings the office to the patient.